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A Ruby client for working with the CRO API

Vinny | about 5 years ago | ruby, rails, cro, fintech, companies registrations office

The CRO, that's the Company Registrations Office here in Ireland has an API, that allows you to search for companies by company number, company name, etc and you can download company documents as well. Integrating your systems with the API useful stuff if you're a company working in the burgeoning fintech sector in Dublin.. loan financing, credit checking.. anything really where you're looking up lots of companies and you want to build that directly into your workflow. Here's a Ruby client to get you started.

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This feature is small, that one is far away..

Vinny | almost 5 years ago | software development, management, communication skills

To a non-technical person, ‘recent purchases’ and ‘recommended purchases’ look very similar. A short piece on the importance of explaining complexity and demystifying seemingly random software development costs

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